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December 2011 Due Date Club | Hi Sally-0!

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POSTED BY: Maybeimcrazy on 04/26/2011 13:53:39

I saw that your hoping for twins!  Good luck with that, I had a set of fraternal twins my last time around.  They are so much fun!  I'll find out in early May if i'm having them again.  Once you have them, the chances of having them again go up significantly. 

POSTED BY: sally-o on 04/27/2011 13:04:33

Thanks! Yes, I've heard that chances go up once you have twins. My grandmother only had one set of twin girls, though -- followed by 4 more singleton girls! Don't know if I'm up for that many, but one set of twins would be awesome

Did you have really intense symptoms with your twins?  Like, bad morning sickness or headaches or anything like that?

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POSTED BY: Maybeimcrazy on 05/01/2011 20:30:00

Honestly I don't remember it being any different in the beginning than any other pregnancy.  I do know a lot of multiple moms who say they were sicker with twins than singletons, though.  For me the differences were in the third trimester more than the other two. 


10 days and counting till I find out for myself! 

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