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November 2011 Due Date Club | Too soon to buy maternity clothes?

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POSTED BY: wondergurl on 05/04/2011 14:55:04

Im at a weird point where my normal pants are getting a bit too tight but i think it might be too soon for me to go out and buy a ward robe of all new maternity clothes? any advice? I love shopping but Im trying to save money for my baby!!

POSTED BY: Mum1166 on 05/04/2011 20:00:39

U don't need to spend so much on maternity wears. A few prudent choices will go a long way. For ur pant trousers, u can shop for accessories like the bella band. They can hold up ur jeans which are getting too hard to zip and, if u do decide to buy maternity trousers, they can help if the pants are still too big at the waist. I suggest u purchase dark tones that can go with any other colour such as: black, navy blue or dark brown. This way, u can effectively mix and match. For tops, shop for the ones that can grow with ur belly. T-shirts and stretchy tops are good in this regard. Also, tops with empire designs are good choices. Hope this helps.

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POSTED BY: Nutmeg on 05/09/2011 12:13:52

For the first half of my pregnancy last time i got away with drawstring pants and loose tshirts in a size or two bigger than i normally wear - just go to old navy and buy some cheap stuff. This turned out to work well, cause I wore all that stuff again after baby was born and I still had a lot of weight to lose!

I did buy a couple of real maternity items early on, but it turns out i had no idea how BIG i was going to get, and by the end of my pregnancy they were way too small. You will need maternity stuff eventually, so if you do buy some now, be aware that it needs to expand way more than you think.

PS - I got a lot of maternity wear used, which is a great way to save money on stuff you'll only wear a few months. Try consignment stores, second-hand shops, salvation army/goodwill, garage sales... My town has a couple of huge "baby exchange" sales every year. Not sure who organizes it, actually, but they rent a hall and it's basically like a city-wide garage sale for pregnancy and baby stuff. Or ask around to friends/neighbors/family/coworkers who've been pregnant recently. A lot of stuff I wore was passed on from friends, and I passed it on again when i was done with it.

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