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POSTED BY: Leah1 on 05/04/2011 23:05:40

On day 27 of my period.....Yes guys I have been bleeding for 27 days...I don't plan on going to doctor cause I know what the outcome is gonna be....BIRTH CONTROL and I can't go another one of those things....Way too much pain during my period.........

Anyway, just thought I'd let you guys know what's up with me...Stay blessed everyone......

POSTED BY: kimdley on 05/05/2011 04:09:51

l feel for you my dear. l know what you are going thru l hav been there too. My god will never foresake you, l knw he is always by your side, in jesus name you are healed oh yes you are.. The devil has no control over your life..

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POSTED BY: Leah1 on 05/05/2011 10:33:20

Thanks Kimdley....Yes the devil is a liar. I am praising my God even through this.........I look at this as a cleansing period.......Who knows what my Lord has in store for me? Yes it can be very worrying at times but the Lord doesn't desire that His children suffer......At least am not having any pain...If I were on the pill I'd be crying my eyes out......

Glory be to God even through this situation......

Thanks again for the support......

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POSTED BY: Beans13 on 05/05/2011 11:02:15

27 days thats crazy....i was always 7 days straight one week off then the next 7 days again when i started the pill....I hope your taking mega Iron so at least your bodies taking in what your definetly loosing....low iron is not fun i always have low iron and its very hard on your body......hope your ok

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POSTED BY: Leah1 on 05/05/2011 11:09:31

Thanks Beans.......Actually am not taking anything for iron but I'll look into that next time I go into town which should be tomorrow if God spear...... 

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POSTED BY: cindy28358 on 06/22/2011 17:25:46

When my PCOS was discovered I chose the Mirena Birth control. It worked great.  I understand everyones different but it totally regulated my period.  It went from restarting everytime I had intercourse to only occuring once a month if that with light spotting if I had intercourse.  I was on it for about a year and a half and had it removed when we decided to TTC.  I was pregnant 3 months later and my periods from the time it was removed until the time of conception were normal.  

I hope things get better for you...  If you consider at anytime to restart birth control for a little while, I am a satisfied user of Mirena and plan to have it replaced after the birth of my son...

I hope your angel finds it's way to you soon...

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POSTED BY: francesbradley on 12/03/2016 02:15:20

It's too late but I wanna share my views on this topic. One of my friends also had continuous periods for about a month after a first baby. But thanks to coupe menstruelle (a sanitary product), which had helped her a lot during those days.

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