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November 2011 Due Date Club | exhausted

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POSTED BY: Nutmeg on 05/09/2011 12:20:28

I'm so tired right now I can barely cope. I remember with my first pregnancy, I basically slept through the first trimester - I would come home from work and pass out cold on the couch. DH was a sweetheart, made dinner and woke me up so I could eat, then I went right back to bed. The fatigue was crushing.

Now, when I come home I have to take care of 18-month-old DS. No rest for me! Fortunately I'm not completely knocked out like last time, but maybe it's just because I don't have the option. Either way, I'm exhausted, and just hope I can hang on for a couple more weeks until the fog lifts.


POSTED BY: Beans13 on 05/10/2011 14:29:48

yup i know the feeling im 28 weeks along or will be thsi week lol and my sons turning 2 this month and it is beyond exhausting.....hope you make it lol

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