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July 2011 Due Date Club | Feeling heavy ...

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POSTED BY: MommySue on 05/10/2011 09:49:14

Ah.. what a wonderful morning :) I definitely feel very pregnant at the moment haha.

It's that "let's walk slower" moment, and I don't think it will change until my baby boy is born. Feeling heavy is sometimes a bit annoying, going shopping is definitely a chore now.

Any of you mommies-to-be feeling like this?

POSTED BY: Beans13 on 05/10/2011 14:34:50

lol kinda....i have to walk slower as this baby boy of mine is killing my hips and it is beyond excrutiating to walk most days especially after chasing my almost two year old son around lol.....good luck!!!

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POSTED BY: Mum1166 on 05/16/2011 03:39:55

It's definitely slow walking time for me. I feel so heavy, i practically roll when i'm walking. I love the feeling though.

My baby boy's here! :-D
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