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November 2011 Due Date Club | still dont see a bump

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POSTED BY: wondergurl on 05/13/2011 14:15:41

I think its because Im not skinny LOL.

usually i'm not worried about my weight. i won't reveal my size but lets just say i'm not a size 6 or anything.


when i see other women with nice baby bumps i get jealous.

POSTED BY: Nutmeg on 05/13/2011 14:48:29

Hey, wondergurl, hang in there. Is this your first? It would probably take a while for you to show regardless of your size.

With my first, I didn't show till around 18 weeks, then I suddenly "popped"!

This time, I guess my belly is softer, if that makes sense. I'm 12 weeks today, and I can see a little roundness, but it's not really obvious - I'm sure a stranger might just assume I have a little pudge.

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POSTED BY: Beans13 on 05/13/2011 15:41:40

If this is your first pregnancy you normally dont show till late in the pregnancy....it takes longer since your bodys just stretching where as your second and so on you do show earlier since your bellys already stretched....i was tiny with my first pregnancy and everyone actually thougth i was just getting fat haha but anywayz at my work with every customer comeing in weekly they coudln't tell i was prego cuz i just didnt really show i could still see my feet at 39 weeks  and im on my second pregnancy now and around the size i was at 39 weeks with my first lol and im just 28 weeks...

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POSTED BY: Mum1166 on 05/15/2011 06:27:34

Hang in there gurl. This is my first too and i had the same complaints too. However, it seems i suddenly popped at 17wks. It'll come. It's just so slow cos it's ur first. By the second time around, u won't call for it to pop before it does...lol.

My baby boy's here! :-D
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POSTED BY: kimdley on 05/16/2011 04:35:58

hey, lady

Dn't worry the bump will soon show, mine popped at 20wks. Its my 1st preg and l'm big..lol.., so jus hang in there it will show..

Stay healthy, tac care.

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POSTED BY: wondergurl on 06/13/2011 13:10:07

Thx for the kind words everyone. I'm filling out for sure now and I love it!

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POSTED BY: wondergurl on 06/21/2011 13:02:48

Starting to think I might eat my words when I said I was jealous of other baby bumps...

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POSTED BY: Nutmeg on 06/21/2011 22:57:33

lol, wondergurl, just wait! We're going to get a lot bigger yet!

I was shocked, stunned and amazed at just HOW big I was by nine months with my first (and frankly, so was everyone who saw me).

But I didn't gain too much weight or anything. I think just statistically, we don't often see women who are nine months pregnant. Think about it - most pregnant women you see on any given day are probably less than nine months along. Movies and TV never show anyone actually 9 months big. 6 or 7 months is a much more photogenic size!

Or who knows, maybe I was just freakishly big, LOL!

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