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January 2012 Due Date Club | How to choose an OB/GYN

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POSTED BY: Despina on 05/25/2011 11:04:43

Hello to you all.

We are very excited to be pregnant, and nervous at the same time. This it our first and we feel that we have TONS of questions. Like first and foremost, how to pick a OB/GYN? We have a list from our insurance company but would like to visit with a few. However since our insurance has changed we also do not want to wait to long. I have an appointment this Thursday with my second choice and another with my first choice on June 16th. These are doctors that we have selected based on friend referral based on our insurance network. My questions is should we try them out first or just make the soonest appointment and stay with that one?

POSTED BY: mom_of_two on 05/30/2011 14:55:30

I'm sorry, I can't really answer your question - this is just a comment. Here in Canada, we don't really get to pick our doctor (actually, I'm not sure, maybe we can, but no one really does...) We just go to our family doctor, and they refer us to the OB they recommend (you can't make an appointment directly with a specialist - you have to get referred). I guess I could request a specific OB based on recommendations from friends. We certainly don't get to go around interviewing doctors before we pick them! I think that's really interesting - it would be stressful and time consuming, trying to pick the RIGHT doctor, but then on the other hand, nice to have that choice. On the other hand, there's no worry about finding a doctor that is covered by insurance - they all are!

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