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January 2012 Due Date Club | Can't wait!

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POSTED BY: jellybeans on 06/06/2011 10:34:49

I'm so impatient, i can't WAIT to find out if i'm having a boy or a girl, it's very exciting. I'm not one to wait, i like to find out as soon as i can . We did with our son and it was great because we were able to prepare for a boy.

This time i'm hoping it's a girl. If it is I can start going shopping for little dresses and girly things lol Anyone else anxious to find out the sex of the baby or are you keeping it a surprise?




POSTED BY: mom_of_two on 06/10/2011 14:04:07

We kept it a surprise with our first two and plan to do the same this time. I'm so glad my hubby feels the same way I do about waiting to find out, because I know we're in the minority. Our friends and family all didn't get it why we would want to wait.

I just like the anticipation, I guess! And that cliched moment of hearing "It's a boy/girl!" at the moment of birth.

Getting ready for Baby #3!

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