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June 2011 Due Date Club | any day now...

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POSTED BY: hollyhock on 06/13/2011 12:38:00

well, im due in one week. i cant beleive its here already. i think im ready - got all kinds of things from aunties and cousins at my baby shower, and have everything set up. but mentally i dont think i can be ready. still, it feels like now im just playing a waiting game, the next few days are going to be sooo long, nothing to do, not working, just sit around and wait for baby to come...

feeling really scared about the actual labor though... anyone have any experience with this they can share? no horror stories plz, looking for reassurance right now

about to pop!!!

POSTED BY: Nayz on 06/13/2011 22:27:29

WOW ur almost done!! I dont think any of us are really ready for the labour and birth of a child, wether its ur 1st or you have had previous pregnancies! 1st time round it can be scary and exciting at the same time as u dont really know what is going to happen! With other pregnancies to follow (or if any) u get nervous and excited as U KNOW the stages u will be going through!

I suggest finding a position that is comfy for u, as something may have worked for 1 person wont always work for u. Being vocal can take ur mind off the pain of contractions. A hot shower.

For me, a hot shower (in the early stages) helped alot aswell as grunting in the last stage of labour whilst pushing. I was lucky to have my hubby, mother and mother-in-law in the labour room with me so when it came time to start pushing i had my heals placed on my mums hip and the other placed on the midwives hip, then i had my mother-in-law on my left hubby to my right and i had hold of there upper arms (with my parms facing me) so when it came time to push i could bear down to maximise pushing! I had a drug free labour and i plan of having the same thing this time round.

I hope everything goes smoothly for you, and i hope ive given u some sugestions that may or maynot help!  

pregnancy week by week
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POSTED BY: Beans13 on 06/14/2011 11:29:13

yea thats awsome your finally their.....I reccamend if you can when your in labour walking around (if possable) it speeds up the dialation and labour althou everyone i see always is lying on a bed which can slow labour! if you can KEEP WALKING!!!!!!!! Moving anything but only if its not too painful you will be awsome!!!! you just have to remember DONT LISTEN TO ANYONES DELIVERY STORIES!!! everyones birth experience is different so just because somoene else had a horrid delivery yours could be quick and easy......noone of us are mentally ready when it happens but once you hold baby in your arms its alllllllllllllll worth it


This biggest thing these last few days SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!! get as much sleep as you possably can cuz once you have baby you wont be sleeping much at all forwhile......thats the best advice i can give you!!!!! Walk thru your labour and now just SLEEP and nap lots

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POSTED BY: hollyhock on 06/20/2011 13:23:39

thanx nayz and beans...

im still hanging in here, if you can believe it. my due date came and went yesterday, still no baby. things were a little tense for father's day as you can imagine, everyone looking at me like i might burst at any second.

still nervous about labor, but just want to get this over with now!!!

about to pop!!!

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POSTED BY: mom_of_two on 06/20/2011 14:39:52

Hang in there, Hollyhock, they say only 5% of babies are born on their due dates and firstborns tend to be late.

I totally agree with Beans about the walking. In fact, I like to say that both my labors were triggered by long walks, so get out there walking now.

With my first (a week early) I'd just gotten in from a really long walk when my labor started and he was born 12 hours later. With my second, I was having contractions that morning but I thought it might still be Braxton Hicks, so I put my son in the stroller and headed out to do my errands on foot. By the time I got home at noon, it was definitely labor, and my daughter was born 3 hours later!

Getting ready for Baby #3!

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