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December 2011 Due Date Club | GAHHH Im thirsty

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POSTED BY: mizz_mommy on 06/13/2011 13:13:27

Anyone else just thirsty all the time right now or is it just me LOL? Im chiugging water, gatorade, soda, whatever I can get my hands on. I am unquenchable.

POSTED BY: sally-o on 06/17/2011 11:04:59

Yes, in fact anything citrus is like pure gold right now. I can't believe how much lemonade, lime soda and orange juice I've gone through already. In fact, I'm on the lookout for a good substitue for sugary juice that's more interesting than water (but still relatively healthy). Anyone have any suggestions?

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POSTED BY: mizz_mommy on 06/21/2011 12:57:02

I wasnt really drinking citrus but I will give that a try. Gonna buy one of those cartons of lemonade and chug it.

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POSTED BY: Maybeimcrazy on 07/10/2011 15:48:35

Hi Girls! I try to drink as much water as possible since thats best but I hate it! So I have been drinking lots of vitamin waters and tea.  I'm getting antsy to feel the little guy personally!  You'd think after 4 other kids I would be feeling something sooner!


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