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February 2012 Due Date Club | Introductions

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POSTED BY: Admin on 06/21/2011 23:25:45

All moms due in February, introduce yourselves here!

POSTED BY: nataliej on 07/04/2011 10:48:48

Hello!  My name is Natalie and I am very happy to say that I am seven weeks pregnant!  My due date is supposed to be the end of February, however my mother-in-law laughed at me when I told her.  Apparently her due date with my husband was supposed to be the end of February as well...she said her due date was Feb 26..mine is Feb 24..but my husband was late and ended up being born in March - so he celebrates his birthday the same month his mother, father and grandfather do!  Not sure if I'll follow the same trend or not so we'll see!

So far I think I've gotten lucky - no morning sickness to deal with, just a queasy stomach around about the time I realize I'm hungry.  Feeling tired a lot though so thankfully we're entering into the slower days of summer! 

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POSTED BY: babyteetee on 07/13/2011 15:17:23


My due date (according to Google) is 25 February!

My name is Kay and I am excited about this new addition to my life. It's early days but I can't wait to meet my baby! No morning sickness, I just feel quesy round lunchtime and on my way home and now.

Am apprehensive about my first scan - am going for my nurses appointment next week and hopefully get booked in for a scan soon. Am tempted to go private just so I can see first!







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POSTED BY: octoberrayne on 07/20/2011 23:58:47

My Name is Sara :)  I am almost 25 years old..  I have been trying for almost six years now to get pregnant, with no luck.  Had been told that my uterus was tilted, and that I would never be able to get pregnant..  So, was a complete shock to me to find out that I was!  I am so very excited.  Friday I will 10 wks..  I am due Feb. 16th :)  My Valentines Baby!  YAY!!

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POSTED BY: blossoms on 07/21/2011 07:03:16

Hey Sara so happy for you you must be over the moon.Well i'm Miraim got married a few months ago and I am so excited to be having my first baby due in mid Feb lets hope I give birth after valentines day as I am a florist haha...

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POSTED BY: cie91 on 11/03/2011 06:31:48



I'm new here - and proud to say, that now I'm 24 weeks pregnant with my first chirld, who is a girl  


Due in feb 19. 

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