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January 2012 Due Date Club | so sad

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POSTED BY: nicky on 07/01/2011 09:07:36

We had our first scan yesterday at 13wks and 4 days. We were soooo excited as this was our 3rd baby so  knew what we were going to experience having that flood of excitment and emotion as u see your baby for the first time. Sadly this time we were flooded with sadness and shock as we found out our baby has died, my body still doesnt know yet and is still functioning as it should be. I feel so angry and frustraited with life at the moment, so not fair our hearts are broken. Please all take care of your precious growing baby bumps, i wish you all  safe happy pregnancies. 

POSTED BY: Nayz on 07/01/2011 22:10:43

Im so sorry for ur loss, its never an easy thing to go through! Let ur self cry and remember talk to ur hubby as hes going through this as well, u need him more then ever now! Take care, and i hope everything works out for u in the future xxxxxxxxxxxx 

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POSTED BY: jellybeans on 07/07/2011 15:19:16

So very sorry to hear this, it's something no expecting mother should ever have to go through this. Just try to stay strong and positive and I wish you all the best in the future.

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POSTED BY: mom_of_two on 07/07/2011 15:55:55

My condolences, Nicky.

I'm expecting my third as well, and going for my first scan in a few days. Life is so unfair. Stay strong, I'll be thinking of you.

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POSTED BY: Admin on 07/07/2011 16:11:37

I'm sorry, Nicky.

We'll miss you on the site, and I hope we'll see you back here in good time!

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