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January 2012 Due Date Club | maternity leave

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POSTED BY: mom_of_two on 07/28/2011 14:33:16

Well it's come to the point where my pregnancy is now obvious and everyone at work knows about it! Which leads me to think about mat leave plans. With my first two, I worked right up until my due date, because I wanted all my time off to be with the baby.

I know other women, though, who scheduled their mat leave to start weeks or even months before their due date - to have time to relax and get ready, spend "special time" with older kids before baby comes, or because late pregnancy left them tired or unwell.

What do you think - what's the best way to use your mat leave time and how long do you plan on working?

Getting ready for Baby #3!


POSTED BY: sally-o on 08/03/2011 09:10:22

I can understand both approaches, but I think comfort wins out. I Intedn to take mat leave before my due date -- hopefully a month or so. I couldn't imagine struggling with even more aches and pains and discomforts, plus two little kids, while continuing to drag myself out of bed to go to work!

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POSTED BY: jellybeans on 08/05/2011 13:58:05

I'm planning one working as long as I can before my due date so that i can use as much of my mat leave as possible to spend time with my new baby. I did this with our son and it seemed to work out really well, so i'll probably just do the same. Stay working until i physically cant' handle it anymore.

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