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March 2012 Due Date Club | 41 years old!

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POSTED BY: jodipsu91 on 08/04/2011 13:18:23

My son turned 19 on Tuesday and I have my first ob/gyn appointment tonight,  I also have an 18 year old daughter, and a 15 year old daughter and a 6 year old stepson --- I am terrified.

POSTED BY: Carhianna on 08/05/2011 06:35:50

Hi i hope your 1st appointment went well and you not feeling so scared now. I have a 9yr daughter and a 5 yr old son, at 39 I have been told I am too old to be pregnant again! I am 13wks at present and doing best to ignore all the negative comments, I hope you start to enjoy your pregnancy and this baby will be just as lovely and loved as your existing children. Good luck x

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POSTED BY: Nutmeg on 08/08/2011 14:06:09

Good luck to both of you lovely ladies! I've known several "older" mothers who've had successful pregnancies and perfect babies.

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POSTED BY: michellelg on 10/20/2011 15:22:23

Hello to both of you,

I have a 19 year old daughter, a 17 year old son, and a 9 month old baby girl, I am 43 and she was totally unexpected but she is VERY welcome and loved by us all.  I did have some minor issues (gestational Diabetes) with my pregnancy but my baby girl was born totally healthy and is a happy little girl.  I wish you both the best with your pregnancies and ignore the bad comments about your age.  Being pregnant is a wonderful thing and the joy of holding that baby in your arms when he/she is born will be beyond your imagination.  Good luck to both of you.


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