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January 2012 Due Date Club | Midwife?

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POSTED BY: jellybeans on 08/05/2011 14:09:46

So lately the whole idea of having a midwife has caught my attention. No one in my family has ever used a midwife, including myself. But lately i've heard and read of many woman having a midwife as a pregnancy care provider and they seemed to really enjoy the experience.

I guess what i want to know is have any of you ladies ever used a midwife? What are the main benefits of having a midwife during pregnancy? This whole idea of a midwife is still a mystery to me.

thanks so much in advance!


POSTED BY: mom_of_two on 08/09/2011 14:45:30

I've done both - I had a doctor with my first and a midwife with my second, and now I have a midwife with my third.

I find the midwives to be much more attentive and involved in my care - on a typical visit with the midwife she spends at least 15 minutes with me - she takes my weight, blood pressure, etc herself and spends as long as i like chatting and answering questions.

My doctor was great, and very friendly but I only saw her for a few minutes on each visit.

The midwives also believe in involving you in all decisions, rather than telling you what to do. So if you like that, it's great. She carefully explains the pros and cons of everything, and lets me decide (although if it comes down to an emergency or life or death situation, of course they will take charge)

The other thing I LOVE about the midwives, whether or not the first 2 things are important to you, is that she stays in the delivery room with you the WHOLE TIME. She's not attending to every other woman in the labor ward at the same time. It's very comforting to have your caregiver, who you know well by that point, with you and coaching you the whole way.

Finally, an obstetrician cares only for pregnant women. As soon as the baby's born, you both (mom and babe) go back to your GP. But the midwives continue to care for mom and babe for 6 weeks after the delivery. Mine even came to my house for checkups so we didn't have to go anywhere! The continuity was really nice, and again the personal care and attention, and they can help with breastfeeding and other post-natal issues too.

Wow, I just wrote an essay. Hope it helps!

Getting ready for Baby #3!

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