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April 2012 Due Date Club | A bit worried

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POSTED BY: hereiam on 08/06/2011 16:06:59

Hi there,

I'm due 1st april 2012. So here's my story so far.


I'm 32 and my last pregnancy ended in an abortion because I caught a Rubella infection in my 6th month and the doctor advised me(after multiple tests and a lot of heartache) there's a high risk of congenital disesase for the baby if I go through with it. So long story short, I decided not to have the baby at almost 7 months. This was July 2007.


I've finallly mustered up the courage to try again and skipped my period last month(July 2011) and i'm at 5 weeks at the mo. No morning sickness or nausea to report and the only thing i have are really tender breasts and an incessant urge to sleep.lol


Last night I noticed a trace of (reddish) blood on the TP when i was done peeing so I called my doc and she prescribed Lupigest 200mg twice a day and asked me to get an ultrasound today. The ultrasound showed a heartbeat, yay! But the doc has asked me to get Hucog 5000 injections every week.


I'm scheduled to meet her on monday morning, coz i'm freaking out a little to be honest. Has anyone been in this situation? I really need someone to talk to. :(


Looking forward to your views and conversations. 


Worried One

POSTED BY: Nutmeg on 08/08/2011 14:02:43

What a heartbreaking story. I lost my first pregnancy, too, at six weeks. That was devastating. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to have to make that decision at 7 months.

I don't know anything about those medications, though - I wasn't offered anything when I began spotting, just told to let nature take its course. I think if the ultrasound looked good, that's a great sign!

Hope your doctor can clear things up and put your mind at ease.

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POSTED BY: esumner on 08/14/2011 15:26:32

I just have a few questions. I am new at this so I don't know what to expect. I just had 2 positive pregnancy test last weekend so I called my doctor and made an appointment. I had some spotting last week and just this Friday I started bleeding a bright red not alot to soak a pad associated with no cramping or anything. I dont know if this is normal. Can someone please help. I am so scared and dont want a miscarrage.

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POSTED BY: Ajssanghara on 08/27/2011 05:26:23
I had a missed abortion as well stopped developing at 6 weeks was devastating. I am now 5 weeks and scared it will happen again. Am scheduled for ultrasound at 7 weeks to make sure all is fine here's hoping though have had alot more symptoms this time round.
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