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April 2012 Due Date Club | Just found out I am pregnant and due in April

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POSTED BY: Mommy2GiaMarie on 08/30/2011 14:57:22

I am super excited just found out I am prengant and due April 28, 2012. This is my second baby. I do have a little girl named Gianna who is 3yr. My husband and I decided a little over a month we would try to get pregnant and have another child and well five weeks later here we are. LOL We couldn't be happier. Life is awesome. SO HAPPY!  P.S my name is Ashley I am 28yr old and new to this site. Sorry I am just super happy lol. I am on my own high!


She is having #2

POSTED BY: Beans13 on 08/31/2011 11:51:39

congrats thats exciting....my pregnancys happened about that quick too my mother calls me a rabbit lmao im very excited for you hope your pregnancy flys by and you both remain happy and healthy :) I had my second 5 weeks ago and lets say its VERY tiring but sooooo worth everysleepless night :)

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