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POSTED BY: abeeda on 09/27/2011 12:29:57


I dont have an apetite and dont even want to drink water coz my mouth is bitter and i feel nausea, can someone pls give me ideas on how to get in more fluids without throwing up? thanks

POSTED BY: happyhippy on 10/05/2011 13:21:04

Oh, I'm sorry to hear you're having such a miserable time. Morning sickness can be hard to overcome, but some scents work well for some women. If you can find a smell that helps to calm your nausea and increase appetite, you'll be much more comfortable.

Have you tried slicing a lemon in half and sniffing it? That might work. Also, peppermint extract can be soothing for your tummy, as can ginger. Use real ginger root -- cut of a piece to sniff when you need it, or chop some up and steep it in hot water (you can drink it as tea or just inhale the vapours). Deep belly breathing used to helpme sometimes, too.

I know how awful it feels to be nauseated all the time, but it will go away eventually. But if you're not able to keep anything down at all for days on end, I'd see your doctor as soon as you can to make sure you're not getting dehydrated. I hope you feel a lot better soon.

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POSTED BY: JenniferGarfinkel on 12/15/2016 04:41:12

Poor appetite can be a cuase of many reasons. One can cure it by taking drugs or by natural remedies. Food likeIndian Gooseberry, ginger, black pepper, Cardamom, etc helps to make your appetite good.

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POSTED BY: LillianSmythe on 06/26/2017 00:22:52

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