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POSTED BY: Fengjingye on 02/27/2017 21:08:08

Arsenal made an offer to Lionel Messi when he was only 15 years old during the same time in which they signed Cesc Fàbregas.


"Although the international scouting system was far less developed and universal than it is today adidas nmd human race blue , it would have been impossible for the generation of ’87 not to have attracted admiring glances from foreign clubs," writes Guillem Balague in his biography of Messi. "So it was that during the 2002-03 season the Cadete A side was followed closely by Arsenal who were looking to sign not just Cesc Fàbregas, but also Gerard Piqué and Leo Messi.


"It all began with a game in Lloret de Mar against Parma. On that day Pique didn’t play, but the rest of the gang, who had already won the game, did. Arsenal’s representative in Spain, Francis Cagigao was astonished.


"He had just witnessed something very different, and quite extraordinary, namely the control of Cesc and the talent of Leo. He spent that day, and many more, fruitlessly searching for the Argentinian’s agent.


"He came back to see Alex Garcia’s side in the MIC tournament at Easter. While Barcelona were battling against a new rival, Cagigao was speaking on the telephone. ‘If only I could find someone who works with the Argentinian youngster…’ As he put the phone down one of Leo’s representatives in Spain, Horacio Gaggioli, who had overheard the conversation, approached him. ‘I believe you’re looking for me.’


"That night Francis had dinner with the agent and expressed an interest in Messi, an interest that culminated in an offer being passed to the boy’s father, Jorge. From that moment the lines of communication between Arsenal and the Messis were open. Cesc and Pique were also targets."


"...Cagigao was one of the few, indeed adidas nmd human race red , probably the only, European club scouts at these tournaments, so the offer from Arsenal was Leo’s first from a foreign club since he had arrived at Barcelona.


"The Messis listened to what Arsenal had to say but they were not about to have their heads turned. Obstacles were apparent in any potential agreement.


"The English club could not offer a flat for the family, and there would be difficulty obtaining a work permit. Bit by bit points of mutual interest evaporated until the offer lay dead in the water. But they left Jorge with a message: ‘Any time you encounter problems, remember, our club wants him.’ In any case, Arsenal had managed to secure the signings of Pique and Cesc. Well, almost.


"Pique travelled to London to see their training facilities, everything was agreed and confirmed, only for a legal matter to delay the process: he was not yet old enough to sign and Arsenal suggested that they should make a verbal agreement that would be confirmed in a year’s time, when he was 16. The same agreement that they worked out with Cesc. Pique (or, to be precise, his agents) said no."

How To Repair Carpet Burns How To Repair Carpet Burns October 8, 2013 | Author: Daisy Burdick | Posted in Home and Family

Carpeting in homes and businesses can easily be damaged over time, leading to spots and marks. While some spots can be raised using stain removal products, burns can be particularly challenging to eliminate from rugs and carpet. Many people eventually choose to use a qualified repair service, paying for a costly replacement. Luckily, the existence of many rug burns can be removed in just a few easy steps adidas nmd human race black , making the services of an expensive repair company nonessential. Use the following tips to recover the former glory of any carpet.


Assess the Damage


Prior to starting any work on the carpet, it is important to evaluate the level of the burn. If the damage is relatively small, the ends of the burnt fibers can be snipped off with a pair of sharp scissors. The area can then be shampooed and left to dry. Serious burns that have affected the reliability of the carpet fibers will need to be replaced with a new patch of carpet.


Measuring a Carpet Patch


When thorough deterioration is present, a patch of new carpet is the only option available to fix the visual appeal of the flooring. Before eliminating the burn, a patch should be measured that barely surpasses the area of the burnt carpet. This patch should then be placed over the burnt spot. Using a sharp utility blade, the new material should be traced in the original carpet. The old piece can then be raised out of position.


It is worth noting that the carpet swatch must match the original design and direction of the older carpet. Failing to coordinate the spots will undermine the end result. When cutting the carpet, caution should also be exercised to ensure the carpet cushioning is not ruined.


Installing a Patch


Once the original carpet has been removed, the repair swatch can be placed in position. If the swatch needs to be cut to fit, properly use a pair of scissors or a utility blade to make the necessary improvements. The new carpet patch can be properly secured in place using double-sided adhesive tape or an appropriate sticky product. Apply pressure to the spot, guaranteeing it is strongly connected to the carpet cushioning. After set up, the area should be left intact for several hours, making certain the patch sticks to the pad.