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June 2012 Due Date Club | june

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POSTED BY: mrs_moore89 on 10/18/2011 21:34:24

any june moms?

POSTED BY: Abi88 on 10/20/2011 04:17:59
Hello I have just found out I am pregnant! I am due 25th June 2012. This will be my second baby as I have a beautiful 17 month old girl called Zoe. When are you due? Exciting times :) xx
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POSTED BY: happynelli on 10/20/2011 10:02:12

its gonna be my first baby. probably due 30 th. its kinda funny actually i am not 100€€percent possitive if i am pregnant yet. but i have a feeling that i am. i had one misscarrage before this in may. we've been trying for a year and a half . 

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POSTED BY: Angel_11 on 10/27/2011 17:14:53
Hey I too just found out I'm pregnant and due JUNE 21ST! I'm really excited and ready to feel pregnant, bc right not I don't have any symptoms except backache. ; ( and this will be our first baby. I'm so excited! Have you confirmed your pregnancy Happynelli?

Ready for my second trimester!!!!! 1st is HORRIBLE!
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POSTED BY: kricord on 11/14/2011 17:38:12

I am due the 11th of June but had an 8 week ultrasound done and baby is measuring big so they changed my due date to June 8th. My mom had me and my two brothers early so I will probably be early instead of late. I am also very very ready for my second trimester...this baby is kicking my butt! lol 

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POSTED BY: esther37 on 03/21/2012 04:02:20

Hi, am new here and my due date is june 12th..to top it all up,am a new mum and a little scared of my last day though am enjoying my pregnancy.

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