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July 2012 Due Date Club | Introductions

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POSTED BY: Admin on 10/28/2011 16:45:17

Welcome to the July 2012 birth club! All moms due in July, introduce yourselves here.

Then feel free to start your own topics!

POSTED BY: equispro on 11/12/2011 19:14:01

Hi I live in London. I just found out a few weeks ago that I'm expecting. this will be our first baby. I'm so excited but very nervous. I know I'm due in July and this pregnancy was planned and my cycle was tracked but We don't know a due date yet. I went to have ultrasounds and bloods done because i had a small amount of bleeding. The nurse did the scan and said that the sac is present but small compared to my estimated conseption. My HCG levels look good and are in the normal range so perhaps I ovulated later than I thought.... puzzling! Anyhow, Im going next monday for another scan so hopefully will see a heartbeat. All very exciting! 

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POSTED BY: DeidreK on 11/14/2011 23:19:20

Hi I live in Colorado and this is my first pregnancy and things have started out shakey but looking soooo much better!!! The doctors were thinking I was much further along than I was. I am 7 weeks today and very excited!!!! I am due July 2.

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POSTED BY: Nekky on 11/18/2011 08:51:01

Hi, my name is Nekky, i live in London, U.K, found out I was pregnant early this month yes it was planned, first time we started trying and we hit the jack-pot lol, yahhhhh we are excited, I and my husband got married in April and looked forward to start trying when we both were ready, my due date is July 15th and i'm exactly 6wks today, I'm having a bit of tummy upset is this something i need to be afraid or worried about i have gone to see the doctor who did a scan but couldn't see anything last week cus it was still too early i have another appointment next wk. A bit nervous waht to expect going forward

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POSTED BY: mrslee09 on 11/19/2011 19:31:03

Hi, My name is Maranda  I live in Michigan.  I just found our that im pregnant yesterday.  I am due July, 20th.  This will be my third baby, but 6th pregnancy.  I have had three miscarriages in the last year, my last one endedthe begginning of October 2011, and 2 weeks later i got pregnant again, suprise!!!  Wish me luck I get my baby this time.  Also Congrats to everyone on your babies!!!!

Mother 2 soon to be 3!!!
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POSTED BY: butterfly on 11/20/2011 23:20:02

Hi, I am from India and 7 weeks into the beautiful time of expectation, for the first time. All calculators say my bundle of joy will arrive on July 4th next year...

It has been a fair enough time till now, just a little too tired many days...and a little pain in the lower abdomen.


Hope to share the anxities, joys and all mood swings with my fellow expectant moms..

And congratulations to all of you out there!

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POSTED BY: happynelli on 11/25/2011 01:44:42

hi i am new here! i'm from canada bc . found out i am pregnant this week.due july 31. welcome everyone and good luck to us all

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POSTED BY: marvswf on 11/27/2011 00:45:35

Hi i'm new to this site just found out huband and i is expecting our first child together, ultrasound on dec 9 but nurse said due july 31 2012.

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POSTED BY: jcasas0712 on 11/29/2011 23:03:42

Hellow beautiful MOmmas!!!

My name is Julie and I have been trying to concieve since April of 2008 and finally today, I am 5 weeks and four days prenant with first child. I believe to be due July 28 2012

My symptoms are feeling slightcramps, sore booobs, sleepy, and moodiness, my hcg levels are 3123 and they were 12 8 days past ovulation....

My Tiddy Bits
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