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jess20 - 28 years old Female

I love my boyfriend heaps

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working, hanging out with my friends and my bf

my boyfriend by my side if i am pregnant even if im not.

my mum

my name is jess and im 20 and i have a boyfriend who loves me for who i am. he is worried that i might be pregnant cause my mum will throw me out if i am, he even said he will buy a test in a few weeks

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From: Beans13
10/26/2010 00:28:05

hope everythings ok.....thinking of you

From: Beans13
10/19/2010 11:30:29

hahahaha my husbands pretty grossed out talking about periods but id love to hear him say he wants me to get it.....just to hear him say period would be the funniest thing ever.....i llove teasing him with it pretty funny....hope all is well or going to be well for you =D althou if hes getting bad with his temper maybe be careful....sounds like he has mayjor anger issues.....not a good thing

From: Beans13
10/18/2010 12:03:33

lol chances are very good that you arent then althou you can still have your period and be pregnant....a friend of mine had her period for the first 5 monts she was prego with her first daughter.....not to scare you or anything but chances are good that you really aren't.....just make sure you use protection from now on......at least until your both ready to have kids :D

From: Deliah
10/15/2010 09:07:10

jess20 wrote:

yer im ok i just hope i get my period soon. the admin on here is crap. they gave me 2 options abortion or adoption because i didnt want to get pregnant. I wish i never even had sex with my bf but in one way i wanted to get out of the way. we both want kids but not right now.

Hey Jess,

how are you feeling? I'm pretty ick with the morning sickness. not morning at all, should call it all the time sickness. Glad your bf is sticking around and helping out. It isn't easy to find a good guy.

when do you expect your period? Soon? have you got a pregnancy test yet? I think I used about 4 before finally going to my doctor for the blood test. I even used the early ones. Sex is definitly a weird thing isn't it? you kinda want to then, kinda don't and all the problems get heaped on us no matter what happens. totally sucks. what do you mean you wanted to get it out of the way?

You don't like the admin? I think she is pretty nice actually. never seems to judge anyone and just grabs info to help out. she actually yelled at a couple of people for talking shit to some younger moms adn said they had jsut as much right to be here as the married ones and she wouldn't let any one put some one down. like her for that. not many people stand up for us.

ugh, just looking at the screen makes my head spin, an dnot in a good beer way, but a blech here comes the doritos way.

glad your here, nice to have some one to talk to .



From: Beans13
10/15/2010 01:54:44
ok first off if your not ready to have kids then you need to use birthcontrol of some sort....pulling out doesnt matter theres pre c** that get people...i know a few pps that got pregnant becasue tehy didnt think they could and pushed it.....but you can!!!!!! just as easily lol so stop that and use something.....as for your boyfriend does he actually treat you very well....cuz love is blind and you may not be seeing what others are but if he treats you very good then fight for what you have.....if he doesn't then maybe think about and listen to everyones reasons on why they don't like him......but doesn't matter cuz if you truely love him and hes amazing to you then you gotta fight for what you have =D its never going to be easy but thats life lol........

From: Beans13
10/14/2010 12:01:49

hey so i hope everything works out but you dont want a baby until your ready and i hope you guys work things out with your familys.....very hard situation when noone in the family likes who your with!!!! good luck with everything =D

From: Little_S
10/14/2010 10:26:40

hey, no probs.

hope ur ok.

From: Deliah
10/14/2010 07:53:38

jess20 wrote:

hey thanks for the add

No Problem. How are you?

From: Beans13
10/13/2010 11:41:42

Thats good sounds like you need to get outta your mothers house.....enjoy life and experience the world lol....yea you should tell your bf there hes not good to you in jail....you need him around so he better not do anything stupid lol......haha althou it sounds like your ex needs a good lesson on how he should treat women so maybe getting his ass beat wouldn't be so bad :P i hate guys like that.....yea kids are awsome but you only want them when your truely ready.....takes alot of patients and time lol althou its soooooooo worth it to watch them grow and teach them the ways....let me know when you find out for sure........:) im gonna go nutz lol gonna be at least another week if not another few weeks to find out if i am for sure....althou i think i am haha...........i hate waiting............

From: Beans13
10/12/2010 17:00:44
yea my hole famiyl actually likes my husband here but with my ex's it was very difficult noone liked him in my family but my dad is very easy going and likes everyone i like...lol my mom is very judgemental and always goes with her first impression of ppl....i think the earliest you can take a prego test is 4-5 days before your due period....sounds liek you may need to find your own place... i lived on my own for 4-5 years and loved it lol sounds like your in a very hard situation thou...is your ex buggin you all the time? maybe get a restraining order!!! im sorry you've been thru so much...thats so harsh....i hope you can keep the stress down thou if you are prego not good for you or baby....as for your friends not liking him either im not sure what to tell you....love is blind!!! turned out my ex that my friends and mom didnt like was bad news after all but im not sure what to say.....i hope everything works out...