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30 years old
Zanesville, Ohio
United States
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From: administrator
02/26/2009 17:56:48

Hi :)  I enjoyed watching the oscars too.  Thought it was great the way they did best actor and actress.  Thought too how hard it must have been for Jennifer Anniston to be there, looking at Brad and Angelina in the front row. 

My husband was the same way with caffeine when I was pregnant, lol, so that sounds about right, and he wasn't a coffee drinker, either. 

So do you have all the baby stuff ready yet?  It makes it so much easier when you know whether you are having a boy or girl, doesn't it?

Take Care,


katinryder wrote:

Hello there! How are you today? I'm basking in the after oscar glow, I hadn't seen most of those movies, but now I want to! Thanks again so much for the coffee maker, I can't wait to try it, but DH has me on strict caffeine rules and I can't bring myself to drink decaf, it'll be all the sweeter when I get that first cup after baby! lol