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First Midwife Visit
Posted On: 06/10/2011 16:06:36

I had my first visit with the midwife this week. It's so exciting! I love my midwives - they're a really lovely group of women. Everyone there is so friendly and supportive. I have the same primary midwife this time as I did with my daughter, which is great. I get along with her really well and her no-nonsense style suits me well. It was nice chatting with her and catching up, and I'm really looking forward to going through another pregnancy and delivery with her.

I got to hear my baby's heartbeat for the first time! There's really a baby in there. It's almost magical, hearing that proof of a tiny little life. My midwife says everything looks great so far. I'm getting a little older, so I'm more nervous than I was before about the possibility of complications.

I went alone to my checkup this time, but I think next time I'll bring my kids. We haven't told them yet because my due date still seems so far away, but I think they're old enough to be involved, and I really want to share the excitement with them.

Funny thing - I ran into a coworker in the waiting room - she's expecting too! Neither one of us has said anything at work yet, so now we have a fun secret to share!

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