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mrshalloway - 32 years old Female

mem_goldmom OFFLINE
32 years old
coeurdalene, Idaho
United States
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From: hollyhock
05/13/2011 13:58:32

hi mrs halloway,

i see you're due in june too! just sent you a friends request. hope all's well with you and hope we can chat sometime.

From: angelchic79
11/16/2010 22:28:40

I would like to congratulate about your wonderful news in becoming a mommy, how far along are you? if you dont mind me asking??? I am having difficulty in becoming pregnant as i have PCOS, it's really depressing me as there's heaps of my friends either have kids or pregnant, when will it be my turn. The specialist has told i'm unable to have a baby. I'm not keen on adopting as i want a baby of my own. I want a baby so much it's killing me. I hope we can chat and become friends, maybe i can help you through your morning sickness, try ginger it helps with the morning sikness and eat dry crackers as well.