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From: Leah1
07/19/2011 13:03:26

Aww congrats...Well if it is to be then it will be...For now I have learnt to just let it be and live my life........Thanks for believing....All the best with baby......

From: Leah1
07/13/2011 12:59:54

Hi Jane, just checking in with u...Have u given birth yet? I haven't been on here in a while...Sure hope all is well with u and the family....Am holding on as this is all I can do...Best wishes to u with love.......

From: Beans13
06/25/2011 22:48:58

wow i hope babys nice to you during labour lol and everything is fast and smooth for you......good luck let us know when you have baby

From: anuoluwapo54
03/16/2011 05:07:16

hi mum1166 have a big concern, i just got married last month and during my wedding plan i got an ovulation calender to help guideme on my fertile days and oulation day, i had sex during this time and now i am not sure if  am pregnant tho i am having mestral pain at the moment but the blood is not coming out. i did a home pregnancy test but the result was negative. what do you think i should do? go for a blood test?

From: Beans13
03/11/2011 11:42:50

yea i hope your scan goes good...this little man is wayy more fidgity then my first was really really hoping hes quiet and calm lol hope your feeling awsome

From: Beans13
02/08/2011 11:03:38

Mum1166 wrote:

Hey Beans, u're lucky! I have a 14yr old step daughter and, my husband says he wants 3 more kids from me. I'm pregnant with one already. I've told my husband he'll carry the 3rd lol :-D. It's nice to know u. I'm Jane. Cheers.

nice to know you too im Sheila.....haha 3 more kids! how many did you actually want? my husband kept saying once we had the first one he wanted me pregnant again so he wont be so old when there a little older lmao and thats what i told him too its fine but your carrying the next one then haha....unless its accidental i will not have one baby and get prego right away your body needs time to heal!  althou i gotta say its nice seeing other familys with older step children :) step parenting is hard!!!  how far along are you? hope your feeling good

From: yummy_mummy
12/31/2010 09:47:44

Hi jane :)

I hope your having a GREAT new years eve :D, i just wanted to let you know that im pregnant, we done a test tonight, and it came up positive straight away !!!!!! ill talk to you in the new year :)


From: yummy_mummy
12/30/2010 00:59:40


Hi yummy_mummy, long time no hear. How're d wedding plans going? Here's wishing u a merry christmas in arrears and a happy new yr in advance.

Hi Jane  

It has been a while since we spoke last, The wedding plans are going along smoothly, we had a very lovely xmas and by the looks of things NY is going to be much the same :) How was yours? this time next week i will be sitting in the doctors office waiting for bloods to be taken if i dont get my period by then, as i will be 2 weeks late :) so steve and i are once again hoping for the best, as this time i have uncomfortable pains on my right hip area, and ive been having baby dreams and for the last 4 days i havent been able to keep anything down..... So fingers crossed....

Hows your babies going? how far along are you now? how long untill you find out the sex of your babies???

 by for now


From: yummy_mummy
11/17/2010 11:38:46
Hi Jane :)

My name is Alleesha.

Its lovely to meet you as well! My man is great, well were a bit disheartened as we got the blood test results back saying i was negative. so no baby for us just yet.

So were going to stop trying for a while and focus on planning our wedding....

I bet your looking forward to having your boys, have you both thought of any names yet? when are you due? I can only imagine how hungry they make you... whats it been like carrying twins?

My email address is

So just email me if you need anyone to talk to or just to say hi, well i best be off to bed as its 20 to 1 in the morning, and i cant stop yawning..

Hoping to hear from you soon

(in Oz)

From: Mum1166
11/01/2010 05:24:51

I'm really excited to be here. It's been a long ttc journey and i thank God for His mercies to us.

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