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27 years old
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From: Willow19
03/21/2011 22:43:45

Hiya did u find out if u were having a little girl or boy just wondering and hope u are ok much love Lisa xx

From: Willow19
02/16/2011 06:37:16
Hey how u doin? aint heard fae u in a while hope everything is ok xxxx

From: Nayz
01/21/2011 01:08:01

Hi, we havent had an update for a while, how is everything going? any morning sickness? how far would u be now?? please keep us up todate with whats happening, were all happy that ur finally having the family u want. Stay health and rest as much as possible xxx

From: Mum1166
01/03/2011 06:22:45

OMG! Wow! I'm practically jumpin! I'm happy for u Aleesha. Congratulations! Can i apply for godmother straight away? :-D

From: Mum1166
12/29/2010 02:26:24

Hi yummy_mummy, long time no hear. How're d wedding plans going? Here's wishing u a merry christmas in arrears and a happy new yr in advance.

From: Mum1166
11/17/2010 20:46:30

Aww. I'm so sorry about the test. It was really terrible for me struggling for many months ttc and coming up with a negative each month. As a last resort b4 trying IVF, i used egg whites as lubricant since i wasn't making healthy cervical mucous and, that's when i fell pregnant. I also used clomid. Maybe and i think that accounts for the twins. Have you checked your cm? Sometimes, a woman's cm can be hostile to a guys sperm (sorry...tmi). Would you be willing to try Pre-Seed? It's a very good sperm friendly lubricant. But, eggwhites are less expensive. It's also good to start ur wedding plans. For someone so young, you have the wisdom of an adult. I hope this doesn't sound funny but, i'm proud of you. I'll be 7 wks by 2moro. At first when i found out i was pregnant, i had horrible asthma symptoms. Well, i had mild asthma when i was younger but, with the pregnancy, it came out full force...lol. I was terrified! My air pipe seemed too narrow to conveniently pass air. Anyway, i'm fine now and, aside from that, i've been lucky to have comfortable symptoms...only sore breasts and sometimes fatigue. The only symptom i can really complain about is the HUNGER! These guys can eat! I'm always chewing, nibbling, eating something...lol. We've decided on names for them. They'll be...Josiah Ovie Felix Wilson and Joseph Pere Felix Wilson. Felix Wilson is my husband's name. We decided we'd use his full names for the babies because, his family's so large that, you sometimes can't tell who's son is this or, who's daughter's that...lol. I hope i'm not confusing you :-D. I'm due between the 7th and 17th of july next yr. They'll be born in Switzerland or Germany. I absolutely luv Germany. Usually i stay in the country side when i travel there. The air's fresh and, the environment serene and peaceful which i luv. We're also on facebook. The id is Wilson Felix. U can add us if you're in facebook. This is a long one. I hope you didn't fall asleep b4 getting here :-D. Good night. Jane Ebireri Wilson.

From: Mum1166
11/17/2010 07:24:12

Thanx yummy_mummy, i just checked in and saw ur mail. My name's Jane. Nice to meet u. How's ur man doing? Really looking forward to having my boys though, they make me raving hungry and, i have to wake up at night to eat...lol.

From: yummy_mummy
06/17/2010 03:07:02

My name is Alleesha,

Im 19 years old, my fiance is 21  and due to get married in 2012  

We are trying for our first baby, and thinking i may be in the very first stages of pregnancy ( fingers crossed ).

I have a future career in childcare and my partner is one of the managers for a National Transport Company.....

We are a couple that have had our fare share of ups and downs and hissy fits, but through everything we are in it for life and madly in love, and nothing will ever change that.......