Choose the right diapers for your baby and your lifestyle

Diapers will quickly become a big part of a new parent's life, but there are many issues that will make your diaper choice a difficult one. From health and convenience to cost and environmental impact, you'll need to consider a few things before you decide which diapers will be right for your baby and your lifestyle. Take some helpful advice and important points with you when you shop for your diapers, and you'll be able to find a style and brand that fits your budget and your baby perfectly.

Disposable or Cloth Diapers?

It may seem like an insignificant issue, but the decision to go with cloth or disposable diapers is a major one. Not only will your choice affect your time management and your finances, it can also play a role in your baby's health and your carbon footprint. The debate between cloth and disposable rages on, so use the information out there to help decide which type to put on your baby gift registry.

The most important thing to consider is the health of your baby, as some diapers can lead to rashes or more serious irritations. Generally, disposable diapers are the culprits here, with chemical dyes and absorbent gels that can interact with ventilation and bacteria growth on the skin surface. Cloth diapers, when used and cleaned properly, are typically much gentler on the skin and can reduce the incidence of diaper rash by over 50 percent. The key is to be sure to change them enough and use a detergent that is appropriate for your baby's skin.

Surprisingly, the difference in cost can be negligible. Using a diaper cleaning service for cloth diapers will drastically reduce the amount of effort on your part, but the charge for the service will make a month's supply of clean cloth diapers about the same price as a month's worth of disposable diapers. When it comes to the environment, most agree that cloth diapers are definitely a better way to go, but the convenience of disposable diapers is certainly an appeal for busy families. In the end, weigh the pros and cons of both types against your personal values and time management to make the right choice.

Buying Baby Diapers

Newborn babies go through plenty of diapers each day, and you'll be wise to buy a brand that fits well but doesn't break the bank. Since diapers will make up a good part of your grocery bill, one great way to reduce that expense is by using diaper coupons. There are several coupon sites that allow you to register to receive and print off online coupons for brand-name diapers. Visit the websites of major diaper suppliers for coupons and free samples, but be sure to keep an eye out for newspaper ads and flyers advertising discount diapers, too.

There are different diapers that are meant for different stages of life, and when you're preparing to start your child on potty training, you may want to switch to a version that can be pulled on and off very easily. However, if your child isn't ready to be potty trained, you'll find that you're wasting a lot of money on specialty diapers, so first make sure that they're all set to make the transition. Watch for signs that they're ready to potty train, including their ability to follow instructions and hold their bladder, as well as an obvious interest in the potty or in wearing underpants.