Family Vacation

Baby-friendly vacation tips

Taking a family vacation with babies or toddlers can be a challenge. Young children tend to resist change and can react adversely in unfamiliar situations, so careful planning is the key to enjoying some relaxing time away from home without hassle or worry.


First, it is not recommended that you subject babies and young children to demanding travel schedules. Faraway, exotic destinations may be on your and your spouse's wish list, but the reality is that a long and grueling flight is very likely going to get your trip off on the wrong foot. Until your children are old enough to understand what is going on, it's usually best to stay relatively close to home.

That said, there are many family-friendly vacation options to consider, both at home and abroad. They offer ample opportunity for rest, relaxation and fun as well as quality time for family bonding.

Vacation Options for Families with Young Children

Popular vacations for young families include:

When you're planning and packing for your trip, be sure to bring along anything and everything your baby or toddler cannot live without. As much as possible, provide the comforts of home to minimize any irritation or anxiety your children may feel at being in an unfamiliar place. Avoid extremely crowded or heavily touristed areas, and if you do have to make long journeys as part of your vacation, try to plan them for times when your baby will normally be asleep.

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