Home Schooling

Home schooling resources to help you and your child

Contrary to some belief, home schooling does not mean that the child only learns through self-led activity and it does not mean that you are free to concentrate solely on personal values and social leanings. So, what is home schooling? Essentially, home schooling is a natural progression of parenting in a child's earliest years: most children learn quite a bit about their world and their place in it before they go to school, and as a home school participant you are merely taking the place of the teacher in that next phase of growth. Learn what you can expect when you begin home schooling and the challenges that lay before you in order to make an informed decision.

The Realities of Home Schooling

There are different reasons to begin home schooling, but any type of approach will require a certain level of commitment. It can challenge your time management, your familiar lifestyle, your financial comfort and your ability to juggle all of your daily duties. Are you able to sacrifice a second income or else work from home to maintain the home school? More importantly, will it be worth it? It's very important to clarify your intentions and expectations and then compare those with the experiences of other home schooling parents before you decide if this is the path for you.

As the "teacher" in your homeschool, you'll need to follow a curriculum, and although this is created by you, your school still must be recognized under state law. Different states have different laws surrounding home schooling, so you'll need to investigate the specific steps to take and requirements to fulfill in order to operate legally. For instance, if you intend to follow a Christian home schooling approach, your state may require that you register your school as a "private church." In any case, while you don't need any teacher training to run your home school, state law demands that you have at least a high school diploma.

Home Schooling Resources and Structure

Developing a home school curriculum has become quite a bit easier with the advent of the Internet and the growing popularity of the home schooling model. You can purchase unit studies, home school books and curriculum guides to help construct a program that's suited to your child's needs. An alternative to the traditional pencil-and-workbook learning is the practice of Internet home schooling, where you access full course details and material online and your child can benefit from the auditory and visual elements of computer-based lessons and activities.

Ultimately, you must decide what kind of home schooling program is best for your child. Keep in mind that you'll need to devote quite a bit of preparation to ensure the school year is successful and your child develops well. If you decide that home schooling is right for you, take advantage of all the resources at your fingertips and proceed slowly and thoughtfully to make good use of your time and help your child reach great heights.

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