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Find popular, new and classic movies for kids

Whether you'd like to keep your kids busy on a rainy day or snuggle up with the family on a Friday night, it's always a good idea to have some tried-and-true movies for kids at the ready. The right film can stop a tantrum, focus attention and create the perfect atmosphere for family time. But with Hollywood films coming out at breakneck speed, how can you find movies the family will like without spending an enormous amount on films that flop? Well, there are some great kids' movies out t

Best Classic Family Movies

A great family film must be able to appeal to a wide age range with differing tastes and interests, and this can be hard to achieve. However, certain family movies have managed to find the right mixture of playfulness, humor, catchy music and engaging characters. Old classics come to mind, like The Wizard of Oz, My Fair Lady and A Christmas Story, while famous animated Disney movies such as Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King offer a great story that stays true to fairytale adventure and adds that unmistakable magic of traditional animation.

But between those ageless classics and the heyday of Disney you'll find some truly inventive titles that seem to stand up to the critical eye of children and adults alike. Look to the mid-1980s for The Princess Bride and Labyrinth, two films that uphold the traditional fairytale but are exceptionally creative in plot and will spark the imagination in ways that some other films cannot. Look out for films that have been adapted from childrens books as well, which can bring a favorite story to life or maybe even encourage your children to give the book a read. Next time you're at the video store, browse through the older movies to see if anything catches your eye -- you may be pleasantly surprised!

New Kids Movies that are Worth Seeing

While some new movies don't have much staying power, luckily there are quite a few more recent films that feature the clever writing and creative concepts that make a movie memorable. The Toy Story series will undoubtedly top many people's lists, and other Pixar flicks like WALL-E and Up are sure to find a place among your family favorites.

Of course, movies aren't free and renting a film is simply not practical when your children insist on watching it for 10 days straight. Instead of splurging on a bunch of new kids DVDs, why not search the bargain bins at department stores or check out the specials at your local video store? It's also worth browsing auction sites online and arranging DVD trades with other parents to switch up your collection every now and then.

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