Baby and Parenting News

  • Protecting Your Baby from Sunburn

    Baby Sunburn The beach and sunburn season is upon us, so it makes sense to focus on ways to reduce the risk of your baby or child getting sunburned. Damage done by the sun when your child is young could turn into skin cancer down the road, so we must take precautions now to keep our little ones safe. Here are a few ideas to help with that task.

Your Baby and SIDS

  • Baby SIDS Several studies suggest that when a parent co-sleeps with their infant, they significantly increase the chances significantly of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS. One such study, a joint effort between the University of Bristol and the University of Warwick, was done over a four-year period and concluded that parents should not sleep with their babies, not only in bed but also not on the couch or sofa. The reasoning is that air cannot circulate around a baby's face when asleep against a parent's body. Don't risk it. Pick your baby up and put him in his crib or bassinet, no matter how tired or fatigued you might be.Read more on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and your baby