Baby Bathing

bathing baby

Bathing your baby becomes a special bonding time between mother and child, but safety is very important. Stay within arm's length of your baby at all times, and do not take your eyes off your baby while he or she is in the tub.

A bath seat will give your child added support while in the tub, but it will not protect the child from injury or drowning. Keep the following tips in mind while bathing your baby with a bath ring or seat:

Bath seats and bath rings should only be used with children who are capable of sitting upright unassisted.

Collect all bathing materials (soap, shampoo, cloth, comb) before bringing the baby into the bathroom.


Place bathing materials within reach of where you will be bathing your baby. Be sure the bottom of the tub is clean and free of any soap residue.

If the bath seat or bath ring has suction cups, make sure they stick to the bottom of the tub. Pull up on the bath seat or ring to test it before putting your baby in the water.

Never use a bath seat on textured or non-skid surfaces unless the manufacturer's specifications explicity state that the seat is intended for such surfaces.

Place the bath seat in a spot that ensures your baby cannot reach faucets or the spout.

Never lift the bath seat or ring with your baby still in it, as he or she could fall out.

After bathing, lift your child out of the seat or ring before removing it from the tub.

If bath seat or ring slips or tips while the baby is seated in it, discontinue use.

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