Baby Bedding

How to Select Baby Bedding

It's normal for babies to spend at least half (and for newborns, two-thirds or more) of their time sleeping. In other words, they spend an awful lot of their time in their cribs, which means that baby crib bedding is one of the most important baby-supply investments you will make.

Baby bedding essentials include a crib sheet, a comforter and/or blanket, a bumper and a dust ruffle, although baby bedding is often sold in larger packages that have other matching pieces, such as a diaper stacker or window valance.


Important Qualities in Baby Nursery Bedding

Quantity and quality of sleep are important for mental and physical well-being, and this is no less true for babies. The baby bedding you choose can positively or negatively impact the amount of restful sleep your baby gets. Fabric is of utmost importance, so choose bedding made from very soft and non-irritating materials, such as 100 percent cotton or cotton flannel, that will feel comfortable against your baby's sensitive skin. Take care with the way you launder baby bedding, as well: wash in warm water, and use only products that are gentle and hypoallergenic.

Although your primary consideration should be finding a baby comforter or crib bedding that will keep your little one warm, cozy and safe, you can, of course, also take aesthetics into account and look at purchasing a baby bedding set with colors and/or patterns that match the nursery and your tastes.

Additionally, although the potential positive effects will be delayed until your baby's visual development includes color recognition, you may want to consider the principles of color therapy in your bedding choices. For example, green is said to be calming.

Discount Baby Bedding

If you need to focus more on being budget-conscious, you will certainly be able to find discount baby bedding at major retailers and even specialty stores. However, you will have much better luck finding a good deal on a high-quality product if you aren't particularly picky about baby bedding designs, since the downside of a good price for quality items is usually a more limited style selection to choose from.