Baby Bedding Themes

Choosing baby bedding themes for a nursery crib set depends on a few specifics, such as how much you want to spend, whether you know for certain if your baby is a boy or a girl and also whether you already have a particular scheme, theme or color chosen for the nursery. You and your child will spend a lot of time in the nursery, so choose something that both you and your child will love.

There is a draw toward bold, vibrant colors as well as cool neutrals these days. Stylish, classical, elegant, retro, designer and modern are among the words that many parents want to hear when they hear their nursery bedding described. There is a huge variety of trendy ensembles and accessories for both boy and baby girl nurseries. Many designers are creating designs that have more appeal to adults while still being soft and sweet. Matching cradle bedding is also popular.


You may be drawn more towards cute, traditional or whimsical choices. There are a huge variety of styles, colors and designs available for today. Storybook characters, favorite movie characters, popular cartoons/TV characters, fairy tale themes, nursery rhymes, ABC's, angels, whimsical shapes, crayons, circus themes - the choices are endless!

Animals are a common selection and can easily be found in stores. This motif could include teddy bears, farm animals, baby animals, puppies, ducks, kittens, bunnies, Noah's Ark, dolphins, underwater sea creatures, safari and jungle themes (everything from monkeys to elephants), animal prints, insects (from ladybugs to bumble bees), turtles and frogs. You can find just about any animal pattern imaginable!

There are soft colors, dark colors, candy colors, deep/rich tones, calming tones, pastel colors, primary colors, plaids, checks, polka-dots, toile, patchwork, stripes and denim. Stay with one color palette and you can mix and match patterns and prints. Babies are thrilled with the bright colors and geometric shapes, but sharply contrasting colors are easier on your child's eyes - black, white and red are best. You can even find glow-in-the-dark patterns!

There are many different types of baby designs that are very gender-specific. Good themes for baby girls include princess, ballerina, flowers, butterflies, carousels and pastel colors such as pinks and purples. Colors tend to be darker and brighter for most baby boy nurseries. Bedding in camouflage, sports, country, western, cowboys, bugs, reptiles, dinosaurs, cars, trucks, trains, fire trucks, airplanes and construction themes are perfect for baby boys.

Many parents-to-be tend to go with neutral colors for their baby if they are unsure of what gender their little one is. Also, sometimes ultrasounds can be wrong, so by sticking with a gender-neutral design parents don't have to worry about exchanging anything if he/she is born the opposite gender they expected. Gender-neutral types can be such things as cartoon themes, certain animals and whimsical moon-and-stars.

When there is an older child in the house that may have been into Dora, Snoopy, Winnie the Pooh, Nemo, Disney Princesses, or another Disney theme, a parent may sway in that direction for their nursery theme.

Even with the hundreds of designs, colors and patterns available, there is still a slight chance that there won't be baby nursery bedding to match your style. There is always the option of having your's custom made. Any seamstress should be able to make your selections quickly and fairly easily for your precious child.

Collections from manufacturers you might want to look at include CoCaLo, Celebrations, Glenna Jean, Kidsline, Brandee Danielle, Laura Ashley, Lambs and Ivy, Sumersault, Pine Creek, Baby Brooklyn, Mudge Molly, Kimberly Grant, Banana Fish and Cotton Tale.

Now this is probably going to sound funny, but sometimes moms have a sense of what their baby is going to be like either by the constant kicking or the night time kicking. Mom might even have a sense of her baby's personality. Probably not, but you never know. Here's the time for you to select a theme that you think will fit your baby's personality. Do you think your girl will be sporty or a doll lover? Yes, it's hard to tell now, but it's certainly fun trying to figure out a bedding theme for them and not for you! Just an added idea for your baby bedding 🙂