Baby Gear

This is a breakdown of the average prices for the baby gear you may need during your pregnancy and during the first years of your new bundle of joy's life.

Smaller, less expensive items include washcloths, diaper rash ointment, baby powder, nail clippers, nasal aspirators, baby washes, lotions, oils and shampoos, pacifiers, extra nipples for bottles, bottle brushes, breastfeeding pads, burp cloths, lap pads, bibs, receiving blankets, car seat head supports for newborns and toys. You'll also need baby gear that will require some careful shopping around, such as costly necessities like changing tables, rockers, baby monitors, baby gates and strollers.

The costs of going through pregnancy and birth can be high and they'll add up, but your investment in the joys of parenthood is worth every penny!

Baby Gear Product Pricing Review

Crib with mattress- $160-$750
Crib bedding set- $35-$270
Crib blankets (4-6)- $8-$40 each
Fitted crib sheets (2)- $8-$20 each
Water-proof mattress cover- $10-$20
Bassinet or cradle- $35-$260
Changing table- $70-$600
Changing pad and cover- $25-$50
Dresser- $90-$650
Rocker or glider- $90-$500
Car seat- $35-$280
Stroller or travel system- $30-$300
Playpen or porta-crib- $60-$180
Swing- $45-$130
Play center or walker- $50-$125
Mobile- $25-$70
Baby carrier or sling- $20-$140
Monitor- $20-$230
Baby gate- $35-$250
Bouncer seat- $30-$90
Toy box- $25-$90
Gym or play mat- $25-$90
Doorway jumper- $25-$60
High chair- $45-$240
Diaper bag- $10-$60
Diaper pail- $20-$45
Refills- $15-$20 (3 pack)
Thermometer- $10-$90
First aid supplies (kit)- $20-$30
Humidifier or vaporizer- $15-$130
Bottles (8 oz and 4 oz)- $10-$20 (3 pack) or $20-$40 (starter set)
Bottle warmer- $18-$35
Sterilizer- $30-$70
Breast pump and accessories- $45-$350
Breastfeeding pillow- $20-$35
Bath tub or seat- $15-$35
Hooded towels (4)- $6-$30 each
Wipes (a lot)- $4-$5 (pack)
Clothes for first year- $500-$1,200