Baby Carriages and Strollers

Carriages and strollers perform a tremendous service to parents and child care givers: they make it easier and safer to transport a child. Listed below are some good rules for using carriages and strollers.

Choose a stroller or carriage that has a base wide enough to prevent tipping, even when your baby leans over the side.

If the seat adjusts to a reclining position, make sure the stroller doesn't tip backward when the child lies down.

Always use the seat belt when placing the baby in the stroller.

Don't hang pocketbooks or shopping bags over the handles. If your stroller has a shopping basket for carrying packages, it should be low on the back of the stroller or directly over the rear wheels.

Use the locking device to prevent accidental folding and apply the brakes to limit rotation of the wheels. When you fold or unfold the stroller, keep your baby's hands away from areas that could pinch tiny fingers.