Top Baby Gifts

Aquadoodle Go N Doodle The Aquadoodle Go N Doodle is the travel version of the standard Aquadoodle mat set, which is a popular award-winning drawing toy. The Go N Doodle is the perfect size for car trips and family vacations, providing hours of fun and entertainment on the go. It is also a no-mess toy. Instead of crayons or markers, the Go N Doodle drawings are created using a pen filled with water. The magic pen allows your little artist to doodle over and over again. The artwork disappears in minutes, as the water evaporates from the "canvas," leaving nothing to clean up. The Go N Doodle mat is double-sided. Thus, your child can draw on one side while the other is drying. Recommended for children age 2 and up.

Shell Shocker The Shell Shocker is a radio-controlled beast which resembles a cross between an alien creature with a scorpion-like tail and a bowling ball. Nobody is quite sure exactly what it is, but this new toy has transforming capabilities which will surely appeal to most boys. The Shell Shocker transforms from cyberball (while in shield mode) to cyber beast (in explore mode) and also whips its scorpion-like tail. This monster with attitude has the ability to go beyond basic stunts. The large front wheels allow it to drive over all sorts of terrain and obstacles, including dirt, sand, mud, grass and pavement. Recommended for children age 8 and up.


FLY Pentop Computer The FLY Pentop Computer is a pocket-sized educational electronic toy. It is basically a mini talking computer in a pen, with calculation, Spanish translation and vocabulary features. The FLY Pentop Computer also has a scheduler and a notepad. It works by reading and analyzing commands written on special paper. It responds to the words written on the dot-matrix FLY paper and can give voice feedback. Music can be played and recorded from a drawing of musical instruments, such as a keyboards or drums, using the FlyTones feature. In calculator mode, if a calculator is drawn, it will actually work! Amazing! The FLY Pentop Computer comes with 17 learning games which teach math, geography and other subjects. Recommended for children 8 and up.

Read With Me DVD The Read With Me DVD learning system is a interactive reading system which teaches basic story comprehension and vocabulary skills. This system transfers classic children's books to interactive DVDs. Children can listen to stories while the animated illustrations come alive on the TV screen, or they can turn the narration off and read the stories at their own pace. Each story includes four play modes, allowing children to play learning games and even highlight words on the screen to hear their meanings using the kid-friendly wireless controller. In play mode, it interrupts the story to ask comprehension an vocabulary questions, which can be answered by using the controller. A DVD player and a TV are required. The system includes the popular book "Where the Wild Things Are" on an interactive DVD, although many additional book selections are available. Recommended for children ages 3 to 7.

Dora the Explorer's Talking Kitchen Dora the Explorer, a character from the popular Nickelodeon show, now has her own talking kitchen set, which resembles the one on the show. Children can play along with the life-size Chef Dora as they learn bilingual phrases while listening to the recipe's ingredients in English or Spanish. The kitchen has sound effects, lights and also plays music. The kitchen set includes five recipe adventure maps and dozens of kitchen accessories in addition to the Chef Dora doll. The radio, picture map, blender and phone are all interactive. Recommended for children aged 2 and up.

VCamNow The VCamNow is a portable, pocket-sized video camera for young filmmakers and photographers. This 32 MB digital video camera made just for children and pre-teens allows them to create up to seven minutes of video and store as many as 480 still photos. VCamNow features include a 1.5-inch color flip-out LCD screen, LED record light, a simple 4x digital zoom, microphone, built-in speaker, self-timer, tripod socket and a video port which allows it to be played back on a TV set. This miniature video camera can also be hooked up to a computer through a standard USB port. VCamNow can also be used as a webcam. It comes with software to create Personal Video Discs (PVDs), which can be played on a VideoNow color player or VideoNow XP Interactive Video System, which are sold separately. Recommended for children age 6 and up.

Bratz Rock Angelz Series The Bratz dolls have become very hot with pre-teen girls, who consider them cooler than Barbie. The Bratz Rock Angelz series is a new line of Bratz merchandise, which includes Rock Angelz dolls, a Rock Angelz concert set, a Rock Angelz Cruiser convertible, a CD and a movie. Bratz dolls have been marketed as "girls with passion for fashion," and the glam group is made up of multi-ethnic characters with hip names. Another new line of dolls have been a big hit with girls as well. My Scene dolls are similar to Bratz dolls, with similar facial expressions, but they're taller, so the two lines can't share clothing.

Leapster L-Max The Leapster L-Max is a learning game system by LeapFrog for children in preschool up to fourth grade. It's basically a slightly more compact, updated version of the original Leapster. One difference between the old and new Leapster is that this version can connect to your TV, so that children can interact with the hand-held screen and view the results on the TV. The Leapster L-Max games teach math, reading, spelling, vocabulary building, logic, writing and much more. The educational game cartridges are sold separately. Recommended for children aged 4 to 10.

Roboraptor The Roboraptor is a hi-tech dinosaur-like robot which can react to its environment, its owner's commands and even its own moods. It can sense if someone or something is nearby, thanks to its
infrared vision sensors, stereo sound sensors and the touch sensors on its mouth, chin and tail. The Roboraptor can display three different personalities or moods. This 32-inch robotic toy is guided by a two-handed remote that resembles a video game controller, which contains 40 pre-programmed functions. Recommended for children age 8 and up.

iPod Nano The iPod Nano combines the small flash drive of the iPod Shuffle and the photo possibilities of the larger photo-capable iPod. The iPod Nano is pencil-thin and is as light as a feather, but includes all the features of a full-size iPod. It has a 1.5-inch LCD color display with 176 x 132 pixel resolution. It offers up to 14 hours of battery life, and the 4 GB model holds up to 1,000 songs and 25,000 photos. The iPod Nano displays the color album art for the song that's being played and features completely skip-free playback. It also connects to a host of iPod accessories. This sleek-looking iPod is available in black or white and is compatible with Mac OS X or Windows 2000/XP.

V-Smile Pocket Learning System The V-Smile Pocket is a interactive learning system that lets children play games using the handheld unit while on the go. It's portable, but can also connect to a TV to become like a controller for traditional video game play. This learning system works with the original V-Smile educational cartridges or Smartridges, including spelling, math, counting, colors, shapes, science and music games. The V-Smile Pocket has easy-to-use controls, which are perfect for preschoolers, including a joystick. It comes with one game: Adventures in Alphabet Park. Recommended for children age 5 and up.

Furby Furby has returned, but has evolved to become better than ever. Thanks to advanced technology or rather emoto-tronics, this fuzzy little creature with big eyes appears to be more real than ever. Furby hears and understands what's said, responds to specific commands, tells jokes, plays games, sings songs and even dances. The new improved Furby has realistic facial expressions that reflect his changing moods and speaks his own language, Furbish, along with English. This time around, Furby actually has an off switch! Recommended for children age 8 and up.