Double Strollers

A good double stroller balances comfort and versatility

Double strollers can generally be categorized by the placement of their seats: side-by-side or tandem-style. Some parents are committed to one style or the other, but it may be a good idea to test out a few of each to find the one that best fits your criteria. And don't be fooled by price and size when it comes to choosing your stroller -- some of the most accommodating designs are also very affordable, and those that may look roomy and comfortable may not fit through your doorways. Take a look at a few of the best double strollers for different tasks.

Double Strollers for a Variety of Needs

  1. Graco Quattro Tour Duo stroller. If you're travelling with two small infants, this Graco stroller fits the bill. Graco double strollers may not be the most lightweight models out there, but they are known for some innovative features. Unlike most double strollers, this model can be used with two infant car seats, and the fully-reclining rear seat will let your baby nap. But there are conveniences for the parents, too: an extra cup holder, a drop-down basket for your things and excellent visibility of both seats. Though you can find double tandem strollers with improved maneuverability and less bulk, this stroller is definitely a bargain at less than half the price of comparable luxury models.
  2. Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller. This is the Cadillac of double baby strollers, offering all the bells and whistles you need to make your walk easy and enjoyable. Fully reclining seats with very plush cushioning sit under oversized canopies that offer excellent coverage. A foot brake to control big, sturdy wheels, zippered pockets and the ability to accommodate a car seat makes this the ultimate in comfort and convenience. However, you'll pay quite a premium for these features and you'll need a very large trunk space if you plan to transport it in your car.
  3. BOB Ironman Duallie Double stroller. If you're a jogger looking for a high-performance vehicle, this stroller can't be beat. Officially endorsed by the Ironman Triathlon, this sturdy yet streamlined model has everything you need, from adjustable tracking to multiple brakes for safety. Plus, the variable suspension system is way better than what other double jogging strollers can offer, and its narrow, lightweight frame makes it easy to maneuver and to stow away. Taller parents will especially appreciate the adjustable height of the handle bar. If you're a serious walker, jogger or runner, the investment will be worth it.
  4. Peg Perego Aria Twin 60/40 stroller. Peg Perego double strollers are known for their lightweight structure and attractive design, but how does their performance compare to their competitors? Well, the Aria Twin 60/40 model measures up quite well, with a carriage that can easily balance children of different weights and sizes for a smooth ride, plus plenty of safety measures and convenient accessories to keep your kids safe and your mind on the road ahead. More affordable than other comparable double strollers, you can be confident that this stroller delivers insightful design, comfortable features and excellent performance for the money.
  5. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-On stroller. If you're looking for a stand-on stroller, look no further. This features a conventional covered seat as well as a small platform behind the seat and in front of the handle for toddlers to sit or stand on. Unsurprisingly, this design makes this Joovy Caboose stroller much smaller, easier to push and more maneuverable than your typical double stroller. You can use an infant car seat quite easily with the adaptor on the stroller, but it's also no sweat to replace the original seat and fold the whole thing up to slip into your trunk. For general daily life with a toddler and a baby, this will become your most prized accessory.