Jogging Strollers

The best baby jogging strollers to keep moms active and babies safe

Many moms are excited to hit the trails after they have a baby, and a jogging stroller is the perfect way to get your exercise and look after your child at the same time. A good jogging stroller will combine comfortable steering, easy handling and a secure carriage for exceptional comfort and safety. However, since safety is a key issue when jogging with a baby, it should also include some extra protective gear.

Jogger strollers are one of the most popular styles around, and you may be amazed at the range of makes, models and prices. The basic qualities to look for are durability and stability, and you may be surprised to find that the best models are not necessarily the most expensive. Here are some models worth considering:

  1. Baby Jogger High Performance Jogger. This stroller, from the leading brand of baby jogging strollers, is designed for the avid runner and safety enthusiast alike: its slender wheels and solid frame can handle pretty much any terrain you like, and it has exceptional braking control with a level that's easy to maneuver. From its insightful seat and canopy design to its smooth ride, this is a top-of-the-line stroller that can keep up with your training schedule.
  2. Schwinn Free Runner Single Stroller. This Schwinn stroller has some great attributes for the serious runner, including 16-inch wheels and an aluminum frame to keep it lightweight. In fact, it competes with the Baby Jogger High Performance Jogger, though it's a little less refined and a lot easier on the wallet. The adjustable handle and parent tray will help you run more comfortably with access to everything you need.
  3. BOB Revolution Stroller. The BOB brand is well-known for its focus on wheel control and versatility. This swivel wheel stroller will offer great control when you walk with it, but the front wheel can also be locked for jogging or running. It has a good suspension system and plenty of storage space, which makes it a good all-purpose stroller for avid walkers and casual joggers.
  4. Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport Double Stroller. If you're looking for a double stroller that can handle rough terrain, this is the stroller for you. It's easy to push, and the front wheel is locked so you'll carve a straighter, sturdier path. While double jogging strollers like the BOB SUS Duallie has a few more bells and whistles, this Tike Tech stroller is more affordable, just as shock absorbent and folds up in one easy motion.
  5. InSTEP Flash Fixed Single Jogging Stroller. Baby accessories and running accessories are both known for being rather expensive, so it's no surprise that the combination can cost an arm and a leg. However, there's no reason to break the bank for a safe and smooth ride. This InSTEP stroller is a fantastic example of how function and quality can be affordable: a fixed front wheel offers excellent handling, the slip-resistant grip and hand brakes ensure you stay in control and the lightweight frame makes it easy to store and transport.

As a jogger, you are committed to your sport and it can be frustrating to abstain for longer than you'd like. But if you've just delivered you'll need to hang on for a little while -- it is generally considered very unsafe to take a baby out in a jogging stroller until they are at least six months old, as a newborn's muscles are not yet strong enough to support them through the bumps and dips you'll meet on the road or trail. Test out these top strollers to see which one feels best to push and which offers adequate space and coverage for you and your baby so you'll be ready to start running with your little one when the time comes.