Dr. Brown’s Preemie Bottle and Nipples

Dr. Brown's Preemie Bottle and Nipples

Bottle feeding a preemie is often easier said than done, since there are a few factors that tend to work against each other. For one, a premature baby's body is still at the stage where it takes nutrition from the mother's blood, so the digestive system is not quite developed. Also, the muscles of the face that are in charge of sucking may not be very strong yet, and the energy required to take milk from a bottle may be too much for their little body. But despite these obstacles to feeding, your premature infant needs to get a lot of nourishment -- after all, they're growing and developing faster than a full-term infant.


If you're ready to make the big journey from hospital to home, you'll need a bottle that will help reduce feeding problems, and this is where one brand stands out among the crowd. Dr. Brown's bottles are different than your typical baby bottles -- not only are they BPA free, but they feature an internal vent system that helps the milk retain more nutrients and reduces air bubbles. What this means for you is less spit up, infant reflux, colic, sucking effort and all the other common problems and challenges you might encounter when bottle-feeding a premature newborn.

You'll also want to purchase some preemie flow silicone nipples to go with the bottle. These will let just the right amount of milk through, unlike some nipples that lead to gagging or dribbling. Take a cue from other moms and stock up on these bottles and nipples when you're putting together your arsenal of preemie products.