5 Best Preemie Products

The top preemie bottles, clothing and accessories out there

Best Preemie Products

Premature infants need a special touch, for their little bodies face more challenges than full-term babies. Since they don't have the body fat they need to stay warm, they rely on other people and products for help. They also require lots of nutrition to fuel their rapidly growing bodies, so you'll need to find the right feeding method to keep them healthy and nourished. And then there's the threat of infection and injury, which is greater for preemies because of their under-developed immune systems and delicate bodies.

The Right Preemie Products Make all the Difference

All of these challenges that come with a premature infant make for a more demanding daily routine, one that can test your strength and endurance. In turn, finding convenient, cleverly-designed and well-made products will help you overcome the obstacles and enjoy life with your preemie from the very beginning. Are you having trouble finding preemie clothes that fit? How about preemie bottles that work with baby's small size and abilities to get enough nourishing milk into their tummy? In many ways, caring for a preemie is quite different than caring for a full-term baby, and most mothers of premature infants will welcome all the help they can get in those first weeks and months.

Of course, you'll find oodles of cute preemie clothing and nifty products that promise all sorts of things, many of which are simply not designed with the realities of a preemie in mind. Instead of gambling on complicated designs or expensive designer accessories, why not stick to simple preemie products created by experienced moms and experts? Check out this list of the best premature baby clothing, bottles, blankets and accessories that will put your little wonder's comfort and safety first while helping to make life easier for you.