Christmas Gifts for Newborns

Perfect items to welcome a newborn this season

Christmas is on your heels, and festive receiving blankets or candy-cane-colored caps can seem like novelty tokens rather than practical and thoughtful gifts to welcome a newborn. So what can you put under the tree for a new baby this year? Luckily, there's a wealth of baby items that are designed with an infant's development as well as a mother's routine in mind. If you want to branch out from the useful but predictable onesies, rattles and cute clothing, browse through some unique newborn baby gifts and gifts for mothers of newborns that are fit for the season.

Baby's First Christmas

Newborn babies are adorable, and in turn they're given adorable things: cute outfits, playful accessories, precious tokens for the nursery and countless other newborn baby gifts. One thing to keep in mind when looking for a useful Christmas gift for a newborn is that they will not notice the bells and whistles of trendy toys and accessories. Black-and-white toys or nursery decorations can stimulate infant development, but try not to let the sensory overload of the season lead you to expensive and complicated items for the newborn on your list.

When it comes to clothing or outerwear, look for warm yet lightweight pieces. Warm onesies with cuffs that can be flipped over baby's hands will substitute for mittens, and bunting bags with easy clip closures will make dressing and undressing much easier. Winter wear can be clumsy and bunchy, so shop carefully, keeping convenience and efficiency in mind. A personalized baby gift for Christmas is another great idea -- a cute nickname on a blanket or onesie decorated with a festive pattern will commemorate baby's first Christmas perfectly.

Lend a Helping Hand

In general, a newborn's arrival is preceded by a flurry of gifts from the baby shower, coworkers and thoughtful neighbors. In the Christmas season, the gift-giving increases suddenly and noticeably: from bottles to blankets, a mom-to-be can count on getting a good amount of the basics in the form of Christmas presents. Instead of adding to the pile of winter wear and nursery staples, think about things that a busy mom would really appreciate at such a busy time of year.

Time management is a real concern when a new baby arrives, and meal preparation is often one of the first areas to suffer. Add to that the sweets and treats of holiday fare, and new parents may find that their energy and nutrition begins to falter before they know it. If you want to relieve some strain and stress, why not prepare some delicious and nutritious meals, seal them in glass dishes or plastic trays and freeze them so that the busy parents can eat well when time doesn't allow for a freshly prepared meal? Alternatively, an offer to help clean the house, remove Christmas decorations or grocery shop when the weather gets nasty will also be a welcome gift.