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New Baby Development | 1st Year Growth

You're probably wondering about infant development and growth stages in your baby. Issues like when he or she should be talking, walking and eating solid food are important indicators of your child's growth.

It is not unusual for an infant to not fit into the timeline set by this website or other resources. These times are approximations and observations that are considered developmentally "average." Don't be too concerned if your baby's infant development doesn't exactly follow this list.

If you have concerns regarding infant development and growth, talk with your pediatrician. Read more on infant development below.

The first year of baby's life brings several important milestones. From crawling to teething to talking, your baby is gaining control of her body and learning to socialize. It's an exciting time for parents, as they get to watch their baby begin to understand her surroundings and interact with the family.

Baby at 1 to 3 Months
Baby at 4 to 6 Months

Baby at 7 to 9 Months

Baby at 10 Months to 1 Year

What to Expect in Baby's First Year

Your baby's first year is an important stage of development. The areas of growth span from gaining control of the muscles to the development of the psyche. By the end of these first twelve months, your child will begin to walk, understand ideas such as object permanence and begin to teeth. See table below for an outline of how the average child will progres:

1st Year Baby Development Growth Chart

1 MONTH Neck muscles develop for lifting head
2 MONTHS Lifts head and neck without help Blows bubbles Smiles Coos
3 MONTHS Squeals Sucks on hands
4 MONTHS Put things into month Able to roll over Teething Responds to own name
5 MONTHS Sit without outside support for a short while

Get into a crawl position (rocking motion) Object Permanence Attachment to parents

7 MONTHS Bounces in place Hold their own bottles Understands tones Begin to crawl
8 MONTHS Stands and holds onto table or wall
9 MONTHS Understands simple questions Speaks with short words Walks with objects for support
10 MONTHS Learns to walk without support Babbles
11 MONTHS Rambles sentences of nonsense Drinks and eats without help
12 MONTHS Shows ability to be patient

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