5 Tips for Saving Money After Baby

If you are a mother and have a new baby to care for, saving money is extremely important, particularly if you are taking unpaid maternity leave. Caring for a newborn can become quite costly, but it doesn't have to send you hurdling into debt if you learn to be thrifty and resist the temptation to buy every precious baby item you see. This article provides some tips for saving money after the baby is born to keep you from filing bankruptcy before your baby reaches toddlerhood.

Make Your Own Baby Food | Preparing for Your New Baby

As long as you have a blender and something healthy to put into it, you can make your own pureed baby food, thus saving money. Those cute miniature jars of baby food can add up quickly, so why not use food you already have in your kitchen such as bananas, pears, apples, carrots, peas and even chicken soup! Besides helping you with saving money after baby, making your own baby food can be much healthier.

If you want to prepare a lot of food so that you have it on hand in a pinch, use an ice cube tray and freeze the prepared food. Not only do you save by not buying baby food jars from the grocery store, but your baby is used to having foods seasoned the way that the entire family eats it. It makes transitioning into toddlerhood easier.


Baby Clothes | Buying Clothes in Preparation for Your New Baby

Many of the same friends and family that loaned you maternity clothes probably will have baby clothes to pass on to your little one. Some of the clothing may even be like new.

Yard sales and consignment shops are great places to purchase inexpensive baby clothing (as well as toys). Remember, your little bundle won't be the same size very long! Using recycled clothing is an excellent strategy for saving money after baby, since your child will quickly outgrow new clothes anyway. Also, if you find bargains on clothing going out of season, buy a size or two larger than what your baby currently wears. The infant will grow into them. Many moms have found that buying large lots of clothing off EBay is a great strategy for saving money after baby. You can also resell all those outgrown baby clothes on EBay too!

Steer clear of newborn-sized clothing, as most babies can barely wear them when they leave the hospital, let alone a few weeks later. While shopping for clothes, keep in mind that newborn shoes are usually a waste of money. Until your baby is learning to walk, they are nothing more than decoration. Invest in some socks instead.

Breastfeeding Helps in Saving Money After Pregnancy

By breastfeeding your baby, you can literally save well over a thousand dollars. Formula is very expensive, unless you qualify for subsidy programs. Besides helping with saving money, breast milk is the best food for your baby. If you choose to use baby formula and you don't qualify for subsidies, take advantage of special programs and offers from major formula manufactures.

Saving Money on the Cost of Diapers

Try using store brand diapers in place of name brand products. All diapers are more or less the same, though store brands will be cheaper, which will help you save a lot of money over the long run. You may also want to consider using cloth diapers instead of disposables. This can save you money over time, too.

Baby Furniture | Saving Money by Preparing Well in Advance

Before you spend money on baby furniture and big-ticket items, check with your friends and family to see if they have any in good condition which you can use or keep. Just as you can find like-new and inexpensive baby clothing at consignment shops, you can also come across furniture for your baby's nursery. Keep in mind, you will want to invest in a new crib after baby is born (if you don't receive one as a gift) because used cribs may not be safe.

Keep your eyes peeled while reading the classified ads in your local newspaper. You can find a variety of pre-owned baby furniture pieces this way as well. It might be a good idea to visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website and see if any of the used items that you purchased have been recalled. Better yet, do this before buying.