Child Health

It's winter, the time of year when viruses and germs run rampant. And with kids, illness tends to spread rapidly; as soon as one gets sick, the others follow. You don't want your children bringing home every bug that makes its way around school, daycare or church, so here are a few tips to help get you through the season.

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Planning a Disney Vacation

Disney Land and Disney World are quintessential family vacation destinations, but they can be expensive. So, how do you save money both for your trip and while you're there? We've got some great tips for cutting costs at home, traveling cheaply and saving money when you get there.

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Parenting Tips on Buying Baby Clothes

Buying clothes for a growing baby is a bit challenging for many new parents because none of the sizes printed on the labels correspond to the baby's actual age. Particularly if the baby was large at birth (9 pounds or more), you might have to skip the 0-to-3-months clothing right from the start and go directly to a 3-to-6-month wardrobe.

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Parenting Tips on Saving for the New Baby

If you are pregnant, you're probably concerned about how you are going to make ends meet after you give birth. A baby can easily become your biggest expense, requiring food, furniture, clothes, health care, toys, an education and many other necessities. Keep in mind, though, that many pregnancy and new baby expenses don't have to be out-of-pocket. Depending on what type of health insurance you have, what maternity clothes you buy and how frugal you are, you can get by without spending a bundle.

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