Child Safety

Because safety devices are available, you can protect your child. Millions of children are injured -- or worse, killed -- by hazards in homes every year. Many of these accidents can be thwarted by using simple safety devices that are available today.


All safety devices you buy should be sturdy enough to prevent injury, yet easy for you to use. It's important to follow installation instructions carefully. In addition, if you have older children in the house, be sure they re-secure safety devices. Remember, too, that no device is completely childproof; determined youngsters have been known to disable them.

You can install safety devices yourself for a fraction of what it would cost to have a professional do it. These devices are easy to find. You can buy them at hardware stores, baby equipment shops, supermarkets, drug stores and home and linen stores, as well as through mail catalogues.

Of course, no device is a substitute for careful, attentive parenting.

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