Health and Safety

Because your baby's safety is very important, we have provided some tips to help make your home a safer place. It takes only a moment for your baby or toddler to get hurt. A well-informed parent is a better parent.

It's important to check for recalls of items such as car seats, carriers, swings, cribs and even toys. Though these items are generally safe, changes in production and manufacturing processes occur constantly, and every now and then, safety issues are discovered. Staying up-to-date on this information will help ensure that you learn of such issues before they actually endanger your child.

If you don't have a first aid kit at home, you will want to purchase or make one to have on hand in case an emergency arises.

Create a home first aid kit Check Out More on Child Safety

More Baby Safety and Child Proofing Tips

Safety Latches and Locks
Corner and Edge Bumpers

Safety Gates

Outlet Covers and Outlet Plates

Door Knob Covers and Door Locks

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector
Anti-Scald Devices
Window Blind Cords/Safety Tassels

Smoke Detectors

Door Stops and Door Holders

Window Guards and Safety Netting
Cordless Phones