Medical Kit

Every family should have a small first aid medical kit assembled with necessary items in case of a crisis. This kit should be put in an easily accessible place so that it can be gotten to at any time. It should consist of:

Tape - Extremely necessary item, 1" cloth recommended. 1 roll.

General-Purpose Gauze Pads - These have many uses, and vary in padding and absorbency, making them chief in versatility. It is recommended to have 4 of each kind.

Non-Stick Gauze Pads - Dressing for wounds, very necessary. Include 2 total.

Combine and Trauma Dressing - These high-absorbency padded dressings are very useful and should be bought in the larger sizes. Include 1 or 2 total.

Bandages - 3 or 4" stretchy, self-adhering roller gauze. Include 8 total.

Stretch Roller Gauze - 3 or 4". Include 2 of each.

Occlusive Dressings - These are a necessity to keep wounds dry in a wet environment. Pack 1 to 2 of each kind.

Triangular Bandages - 2 total.

Ace Wrap - 4" recommended. Include 1.

Sam Splint or Wire Splint - 1 total.

Vinyl Exam Gloves - 1 pair.

CPR Pocket Mask w/One-Way Valve or Shield - 1 total.

Airways, Nasal and/or Airway - 1 total.

Blister Kit - 1 total.

Povodine Iodine - 5 packets total.

Tweezers - Extremely necessary for getting at hard-to-reach things like splinters.

Trauma Shears - These are necessary for cutting everything from bandages to splints.

Thermometer - This is necessary for measuring body temperature. Can come in disposable or non-disposable form. If you have disposable, then it is recommended to carry 3 in your medical kit. If non-disposable, then just 1.

Blanket Pin - 1 total.

Safety Pin - 2 total.

Syringe - 1, 12 to 60cc.

Duct Tape - 1 roll of 20 to 30'.

If you can get all this is in an organized kit, you will be ready for most kinds of common emergencies that families face.

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