Suffocation and Strangulation

Many ordinary items that we use in our homes daily can pose a threat to our children. Every year, several children are injured or even killed in their homes by everyday items most of us would deem harmless. Suffocation and strangulation are two common childhood accidents that can be prevented by following a few simple safety guidelines.

Suffocation and Strangulation Safety Tips

Plastic wrap and plastic shopping, dry-cleaning and garbage bags should be kept away from your baby to avoid suffocation. Never use household plastic as a mattress cover; purchase a cover specifically intended for that purpose. Homemade plastic covers can come loose and cling to a baby's face, causing serious injury or death.

A baby should never be allowed to lie or sleep face down, or on or by pillows, cushions, adult comforters or waterbeds.

Always pull drape or blind cords and decorative wall hangings with strings out of your baby's reach to avoid entanglement or strangulation. Cut the loops of blind or drapery cords and affix safety tassels to the ends.

More Baby Safety and Child Proofing Tips

Safety Latches and Locks
Corner and Edge Bumpers
Safety Gates
Outlet Covers and Outlet Plates
Door Knob Covers and Door Locks
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector
Anti-Scald Devices
Window Blind Cords/Safety Tassels
Smoke Detectors
Door Stops and Door Holders
Window Guards and Safety Netting
Cordless Phones